Potassium Formate for Oil Drilling

96% Potassium formate Classification: Potassium Organic Salt CAS No.: 590-29-4 Other Names: Potassium formate MF: HCOOK Grade Standard: Industrial Grade Purity: 96% Appearance: White crystalline powder



Property:  Liquid product is colorless and transparent; solid product is white crystalline powder, strong moisture-absorbing performance, reducing, easily soluble in water, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Packing: Solid product: in woven bag lined with PP  or  PE bag, net weight1000kg ,50kg or 25kg.
Liquid product: in 200L plastic drum, net weight 320KG or in 1000L IBC drum ,net weight 1600kg.


  1. Widely used in completion fluid in oil field.
  2.  In leather industry;
  3. As reducing agent in printing & dyeing industry;
  4. As coagulator in cement; or used in the manufacture of carbon black

Storage: Avoiding moisture, stored in dry warehouses, avoiding bumping.

 KCOOH %≥96.074.0
 K2CO3 %≤1.00.5
 KOH %≤0.50.5
 Cl (KCl)≤0.50.5
Saturated salt density  ≥1.571.57
Water %≤1.0