Modern and thoughtful logistics solutions allow us to provide our Partners with fast deliveries.We have our own slaughter house(Warehouse), which supplies products to many countries Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Middle East..
As a few in the industry,
we can guarantee constant availability of goods and services at the highest level.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do wholesale delivery and exports to most countries. for more information,Inform us your destination country and port of discharge.

How Long does shipping take?

Shipping time depends on your destination country and port of delivery. We do offer an exact delivery time after your order has been shipped. We also offer air cargo for smaller orders.
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What shipping company do you use?

We use multiple shipping companies but mainly MAERSK, MSC or CGA CGM. Depending on shipping schedules, we could use other shipping companies.

What are the shipping conditions?

Our products are shipped in temperature controlled refrigerator containers (reefer containers). They are shipped in 18°C temperatures. This ensures the freshness and quality upon arrival.
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How do you handle shipping delays?

We do ship timely, unless otherwise. In the event of a major delay (more than expected time) a mutual compensation shall be agreed upon with the buyer.

Do you provide packing pictures?

Yes, we do provide packing pictures, barcodes and assistance with the shipping procedure and packing pictures are taken before loading

What Shipping Documents Do You Provide?

We provide the following shipping documents:

3 copies Ocean Bill of Lading Marked “Freight Prepaid” and Clean On Board
3 copies Master Bill of Lading
2 copies Halal Certificate
3 copies Certificate of Origin
2 copies Health & Phytosanitary Certificate
2 copies Inspection Certificate for Quality and Quantity (SGS)
3 copies Commercial Invoice
3 copies Insurance Certificate Covering 110% of the Total Invoice Value
2 copies Non-Wood Packing Certificate
2 copies Production List
3 copies Packing List

How is insurance handle for the shipment?

We provide insurance coverage for every shipment.
The insurance shall not be more than 110% of the total value of the order.

We have our own fleet composed of dozens of modern trucks. Moreover, we cooperate with leading carriers and courier companies, offering logistics services at the highest level. We constantly look for better solutions, to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Customer Service Department monitors each step of the shipping process of ordered goods, from the moment they leave the warehouse until the moment they are delivered to the recipients. At each stage, we are ready to answer your questions related to the delivery.

We make any necessary effort to ship the consignments intact, straight to the hands of the recipients. Goods transport on pallets are secure with special dividers and corner protectors. Moreover, each pallet is secure with foil and tape to prevent the interference of third parties in shipments that leave our warehouse.

Our Partners can be always certain of timely deliveries. Delivery cost depends on the size of ordered goods and the place of its destination.