Adipic Acid 99.7% for synthetic lubricant

Molecular formula:C6H10O4 Molecular weight:146.14 CAS NO.:124-04-9 EINECS NO.:204-673-3 Appearance:White crystals Odor:odorless Density:1.360g/cm³



Solubility:Soluble in water,methanol,ethanol,slightly soluble in cyclohexane,negligibile in benzene,petroleum ether,insoluble in acetic acid.


1)  Nylon 66

2)  Polyurethane
3)  Plasticizers
4)  PVC
5)  Pore-forming agent
6)  Controlled-release formulations
7)  Medicine
8)  Polyester foam plastic
9)  Synthetic lubricant
10)  Food additive
11)  Synthetic leather
12)  Synthetic dyes
13)  Flavor


Purity %(M/M)≥99.799.91
Melting point ºC≥151.5152.8
Ammonia solution color(PH-CO)≤5.02.0
Moisture % (M/M)≤0.20.12
Iron  MG/KG≤1.00.2
HNO3  MG/KG≤10.01.0
Ash  MG/KG≤7.04.0

Packing:500/1000kg nylon bag

Transport: It is strictly prohibited to transport with oxidizer,reducing agent,alkali and edible chemicals,protected from sun,rain and high temperature.

Storage:Stored in cool,dry and draughty storehouse,kept away from fire,heat source,moisture.