N, N-Dimethylacetamide(DMAC) Chemical Name: N, N-Dimethylacetamide Molecular Formula: C4H9NO CAS No: 127-19-5 PACKING : 200L (190KG) DRUM, 80DRUMS/15200KG/20’FCL 950KG/IBC DRUM ,20DRUMS/19000KG/20’FCL



DMAC is used as a solvent of synthetic fiber (acrylonitrile), polyurethane spinning and polyamide resin synthesis and used as an extraction and distillation solvent for separating styrene from C8 fraction and widely used for polymer membranes, coatings, pharmaceuticals, and used to synthesize antibiotics, pesticides and insecticides. It can be used as a reaction catalyst, electrolytic solvent, paint remover, and adduct and complex of multiple crystalline solvents.

It is a colorless and transparent liquid that is combustible and miscible with water, methanol, ether, ester, benzene, chloroform and aromatic compounds at any ratio. Its freezing point is -20℃, boiling point is 166℃, 96℃(10.7kPa), 85-87℃(4.4kPa), 74-74.5℃ (3.47kPa), 66-67℃ (2.0kPa) and 62-63℃ (1.6kPa), relative density is 0.9366 (25/4℃) and 0.9599 (0/4℃), refractive index is 1.4380, and flash point (open cup) is 70℃.


•Production mode: Synthetic process of acetic acid and DMA is adopted. It adopts advanced rectification technology for catalytic reaction to strengthen reaction and reduce energy consumption. Separation effects and product yields are increased significantly and the process is simplified.


Specification of N.N-Dimethylacetamide

AppearanceColorless and transparent liquidColorless and transparent liquid
Acidity (of acetic acid)≤0.01%0.002%
ConclusionThe results conforms with Enterprise Standards



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