Stainless Steel Turning Scrap



Stainless Steel Turning Scrap

Stainless Steel Turning Scrap. High quality stainless steel scrap 201,304,430 and 316 in stock factory price stainless steel scrap SS304 and 316.

Si %≤1.00


The use of stainless steel scrap in the production of stainless steel remains as important as ever.

This secondary raw material is, indispensable if the increasing demand for the necessary nickel units brought about by the constantly growing stainless steel production is to be met.

In addition, stainless steel scrap is normally traded at lower prices than primary nickel and chrome bearers and also enables shorter and more efficient tap-to-tap times thanks to its relatively fast melting and its high density.

We  fulfils the important task of providing the link between our approx. 4,000 suppliers and the stainless steel works of this world.

We constantly purchase all kinds of stainless steel scrap, i.e. practically all kinds of alloyed scrap that contain nickel, chrome, or molybdenum as their main alloy elements.

This includes all forms, such as new production scrap or obsolete scrap, be it as solids, turnings, bands, residues, blocks or runnings.

These materials are professionally processed by us so that they can then be sold as a quality product.

We value the importance of long term relationships and thus work hard at building relationships and enterprise that endure.

With a vision that takes on our phenomenal experience and assets in the region, our investment in relationships aims to secure and nurture opportunities for growth.

We’re always interested in new businesses, big or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your business.


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