Remelted Lead Ingots (Pb 97 – 99%)


Remelted Lead Ingots (Pb 97 – 99%)

Remelted Lead Ingots (Pb 97 – 99%). Pure Lead Ingot 99.994%, Lead and Metal Ingots.

Lead Ingot 99.99%
1.High quality with best price
2.Factory supply
3.Prompt shipment

Lead Ingots 99.99%

Alloy Or Not: Non-alloy
Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
Material: Lead

Grade & Analysis

Lead Ingot , Lead Pig
3) Size : 645 x 128 x 90 MM
3) Used for Radiation Shielding , counterweight , buidling contrucntion material etc .

Packing: lead ingot was wrapped by galvanized steel belt, 25 pcs per bundle, about 1200kgs per bundle.
As a specialized manufacturer and exporter for Lead ingot. We will offer it with high quality and competitive price. If you are interested in our lead ingot, please let me know your quantities, specification. We could produce any content of lead ingot you need. Such as 99.97%, 99.99%, 99.999%and so on. Ferro-Nickel Ingots For Sale.

Test itemPbSbAsSnCuBiFeNiAgZn
Standard99.97 min.0.0010.0010.0010.0010.0250.0010.0010.0030.0005
Chemical Specification
Guaranteed analysis*
Lead 99.99%Lead 99.985%Lead 99.97%
Bismuth (Bi)<0.0100%<0.015%<0.030%
Copper (Cu)<0.0005%<0.001%<0.0030%
Arsenic (As)<0.0005%<0.001%<0.0010%
Tin (Sn)<0.0002%<0.0005%<0.0010%
Silver (Ag)<0.0015%<0.0025%<0.0050%
Cadmium (Cd)<0.0002%<0.0002%<0.0010%
Zinc (Zn)<0.0002%<0.0002%<0.0005%
Nickel (Ni)<0.0002%<0.0002%<0.0010%
Iron (Fe)<0.0010%<0.0010%<.0020%
Total Impurities<.010%<.015%
  1. lead-acid storage batteries.
  2. Ammunition, cable sheathing and building construction materials
  3. Counterweights, bettery clamps
  4. Cast products such as: bearing, ballast, gaskets, type metal etc

Moreover, we provide Drained Lead/Acid Battery Scrap at very competitive rates for the clients.

Waste Batteries completely washed, cleaned with lead acid contents.
RAINs per ISRI Specifications) (Product Detailed Specification
height: 116mm and weight: 310 gr
height: 123mm and weight:350 gr
Used Auto Battery Scrap
Drained lead battery scraps
Lead Battery Plate Scrap Type Battery Scrap 20D 16H
Lead Battery Plates Scrap
Lead Battery Plate Scrap Type soft lead scrap

We also supply Lead Scrap including: Remelted Lead Ingots (Pb 97 – 99%), Lead Cables, Lead Coils, Drained Whole Battery (Rains), Soft Scrap Lead (Racks), Remelted Soft Lead Ingots (Pb 99.5%), Remelted Lead Sows (Pb 99.5%), Remelted Soft Lead Pipes (Pb 99.5%) and Mixed Hard/Soft Scrap Lead (Radio).

Our Mission is to offer products like Lead Cable Scrap, Lead Coils Scrap, Drained Lead Acid Battery Scrap / Drained Whole Battery (Rains), Brass Pipe Scrap (melon/ Pallu/ Pales), and Cold Rolled Bushlings Scrap (Ungalvanized).


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