Pure Cobalt Metal Ingots


Pure Cobalt Metal Ingots

Pure Cobalt Metal Ingots. Metal ingots are basically a piece of metal that gets cast in shapes so as to make it suitable for processing. In general, ingots require procedure like cutting, milling, and hot/cold working in order to produce the end product. When cobalt is used as a mixed metal ingots alloy is formed. In order to get cobalt metal ingots, the molten liquid gets a freeze so that it gets solidified and a grain structure gets formed for upcoming processing.

The cobalt metal ingots are a primary form and high purity metal product that gets produced by electrowinnning. The shape of the cobalt metal ingots makes the product convenient to handle, safe and easily transferable. Whenever there is a high purity demand of cobalt ingots, the production takes the initiative to manufacture cobalt-based superalloys. Since, cobalt is the major constituent in this alloy, corrosion resistance features, and high-temperature oxidation, and critical components are offered as well.

Specifications : ASTM B880 / ASME SB880

Total Metal Impurities : 1.0% max.

Purity : 3N5

Materials : Stellite 3/ Stellite 6/ Stellite 12.

Sizes : 68*63.2*49mm, 65*39*34mm, 43*37.5*24mm, 38*32*24mm, 30*27*16mm.

  • Cobalt Ingots in Chemical Plants
  • Cobalt Ingots for Gas & Water Pipe Line
  • Industrial Machineries
  • Petroleum Refining — recuperators, catalytic recovery systems
  • Power Generation — pulverized coal burners
  • Thermal, Nuclear and Solar Power Plants
  • Petrochemicals and Refineries
  • Oil & Gas Exploration

Corrosion resistant
Durable functioning
Heat resistance
High strength
Excellent conductivity
Impeccable finish
Enhanced service life
Precisely designed

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Packing: About 1000Kgs/pallet covering with plastic bag, or according to customer’s requirement.

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