Polycup Stock


Buy Polycup Stock

Buy Polycup Stock. 

Cup stock paper, un/Printed Bleached Cup Stock
Cups with or without bleached prints, cups or uncoated raw paper used for cups, those without wax, poly or insoluble coating applied

#1 Bleached Cup Stock (#1 Cup): Grade 48
No. 1 bleached cup stock for recycling is comprised of sheets or cuttings of uncoated or coated base stock that’s untreated. Cuttings with a slight bleed may be incorporated. Must be free of coatings that are insoluble such as wax and poly.

#2 Printed Bleached Cup Stock (#2 Cup): Grade 49
No. 2 printed bleached cup stock for recycling consists of untreated and printed formed cups and cup die cuts. It also includes misprinted sheets of uncoated or coated cup base stock. Glues must be water soluble. Must be free of wax, poly and other insoluble coatings.

Mixed with SBS and BCTMP.
>Some of them are printed, but mostly printed on the poly, not paper. Of the total shipment 20% to 30%.
>Prohibitive Materials: not exceed 1%
>Outthrows plus prohibitives: not exceed 5%
>Moisture content: not exceed 12% (all papers must be packed air dry and indoor warehouse)

Quantities of Paper both scrap in bales & no scrap as below:  
  1. Old Corrugated Cartons (OCC)
  2.  Double Sorted Old Corrugated Cartons (DSOCC)
  3.  Over Issue News Paper (OINP)
  4. Old Newspaper (ONP)
  5. Yellow Pages or Telephone Directory
  6. Sorted Office Paper (SOP)
  7. Sorted White Ledger (SWL)
  8. Hard White Envelope Cuttings (HWEC)
  9.  Hard White Shavings (HWS)
  10.  Virgin White Tissue Waste Paper
  11. Coated Soft White Shaving (SWS)
  12. Bleached Polycups Stock
  13. Flyleaf Shavings
  14. Computer Print Out (CPO)
  15. Envelope Cuttings
  16. Mixed Waste Paper (MWP)


Our Mission is to offer products like Coated Soft White Shaving (SWS) (Grade #28), Computer Print Out (CPO), Envelope Cuttings (Type A), Hard White Envelope Cutting Waste Paper (HWEC), and Sorted White Ledger (SWL).


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