Pringles Potato Chips

Type: Snacks
Material Type: Sweet Potato
Texture: Hard
Feature: Normal
Contents: Potato
Origin: Vegetables
Processing Type: Fried
Taste: Salty or depending on our customers
Age: All

Product Weight
Tins/ Carton
Cartons/ 20’GP Container
Cartons/ 40’HQ Container
48 Tins
1,050 Cartons
2,425 Cartons
24 Tins
1,312 Cartons
3,000 Cartons
24 Tins
1,050 Cartons
2,505 Cartons
24 Tins
1,050 Cartons
2,505 Cartons
24 Tins
765 Cartons
2,000 Cartons


Wholesale Pringles Supplier Original Potato Chips

Pringles are actual potatoes that are formed into a ‘Pringle-shaped potato dough. Then go through the frying and seasoning process and get unique and exclusive flavors. Moreover, they go through a waterfall method for seasoning. It is easy to recognize Pringles. The delicious chips stand apart from other varieties of chips because of their distinct potato flavor and appearance. Another distinctive characteristic is that they come in a can with a cover to keep them fresh. Wholesale Pringles supplier provides a variety of flavors available from the company; experiencing the flavor of Pringles may be a pleasurable sensory experience. With flavors like BBQ and Jalapeño, Pringles can satisfy a wide range of palates.

Haustechnik-Anlagenbau Pringles’ flavor is a well-balanced fusion of tastes that appeals to a wide range of palates. While other varieties add interesting nuances like tanginess, spice, or smokiness. The Original flavor reflects a simple yet delicious potato taste, making for a diverse snacking experience.

Healthy and Crunchy Pringles Chips in Bulk

Pringles chips are a nutritious snack that should be consumed in moderation. Usually, they are made out of a variety of components, such as different flavors, vegetable oils, edible oil, and dried potatoes. While each flavor has a different nutritional profile, Pringles are generally high in calories, fat, and Salt.

Thus, the fun of Pringles is in the occasional indulgence that balances a well-balanced diet. A distinguishing feature of Pringles chips is their texture. Thus, they have Pringles are distinguished from other potato chips by their constant thickness and crispness. Crisp and delightful, Pringles have a distinct mouthfeel that sets them apart from other nibbles. Because every chip is consistent, eating Pringles is dependable and pleasurable, which is why many snack lovers choose them.

Quality, Variety, and Competitive Pricing in Bulk Orders

Apart from their distinct flavor and consistency, Pringles are notable for their dedication to excellence. Pringles upholds the same exacting standards for bulk orders. Thus, it guarantees that every chip keeps its taste and crunchiness even in greater quantities. The diversity that comes with ordering Pringles in quantity is one of the main benefits. Pringles recognizes the value of satisfying a wide range of palates. Thus, large orders provide the chance to try out a variety of tastes.

Purchasing in bulk from wholesale Pringles suppliers enables a flexible product variety that appeals to a wide spectrum of customers, whether it’s the latest limited-edition releases or the old favorites. Another attractive feature of ordering Pringles in quantity is the competitive cost.


Typical Values100 g30 gRI* 30 g
Energy2120 kJ636 kJ
Fat32 g16 g14%
Saturates3.5 g1.1 g5%
Carbohydrate51 g15 g6%
Sugars3.1 g0.9 g1%
Fiber2.7 g0.8 g
Protein4.0 g1.2 g2%
Salt:1.5 g0.45 g7%
*Reference intake of an average adult (8 400 kJ/ 2 000 kcal)


Note: We are offer the labels in different languages, English, Dutch/German, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, Russian and per request from many other languages not mentioned. Discounts are currently being offered. Get in touch with us now.

Get a lot of options for Pringles wholesale, including salty, spicy, and sweet. Additionally, pick between regular, healthy, and trans-fat-free Pringles wholesale. As well as between semi-soft, firm, and soft Pringles wholesale. Also, whether Pringles wholesale is fried, flavored, or baked.
Find a variety of delicious Pringles flavors at discount rates. At incredible pricing, stock up on everyone’s favorite stacking chips and sate your cravings at any time. They are perfect for companies, parties, and those who want to stock up on a popular snack. Other than this, we also offer red bull energy drink wholesale for different events in bulk.

Diverse Flavors and Sizes for Wholesale: A Flavorful Assortment

There are several well-liked tastes, such as ranch, sour cream onion, and cheddar cheese, in addition to the original. Choose tastes like pizza, dill pickle, and jalapeño to give them even more to look at. People like to pick from a range of Pringles flavors, and our low pricing allows you to purchase more of these varieties.

Our wide variety of flavors that Pringles offers for bulk purchases is one of its most notable qualities. With flavors ranging from the traditional Salt and vinegar to the zesty and intense Kickin’ Sour Cream & Onion, Pringles makes sure that there’s something for every taste. Thus, we meet diverse market demands in the availability of multiple sizes in wholesale orders


Model Number:
Product Type:
Product Name:
Potato Chips
Fruit & Vegetable Snacks
Free of Trans Fat, Cholesterol and Preservative
Potato Starch, Seasoning Powder
Brand Name:
OEM and Private Label
Original, BBQ, Hot&Spicy, Tomato, Cheese, etc.
Dried Slice
Processing Type:
Can (tinned)
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
Shelf Life:
12 Months
Normal Room Temperature

Traditional tastes like original and sour cream and onion are ageless choices that satisfy a broad range of palates. Our product range is interesting and new by frequently adding inventive and seasonal releases to these mainstays. Haustechnik-Anlagenbau satisfies changing consumer tastes and creates visually appealing displays by combining and matching flavors in wholesale purchases.

Reliability and Freshness Assurance: Ensuring Quality in Every Bite

The Pringles brand is built on the promise of freshness. Our chips guarantee to preserve their crispness thanks to the packaging. Thus, we keep the chips whole and shield them from the elements. Customers who purchase greater amounts of Pringles from Haustechnik-Anlagenbau are certain that they will still be as fresh and pleasant as those from smaller packages because of its dedication to quality control.

Buy Pringles from Haustechnik-Anlagenbau in bulk and maintain its promise of quality by placing a high value on consistency and freshness in large orders. For businesses trying to give their clients a consistent and fulfilling snacking experience, we also offer bulk chocolate wholesale and other snacking items.

Wholesale Pringles Supplier – Haustechnik-Anlagenbau

Haustechnik-Anlagenbau wholesale pringles supplier enhances the snacking experience. From the flavor and feel of each chip to the assortment of flavors available for bulk purchases, we have established snacks among consumers of all ages. Haustechnik-Anlagenbau’s reputation as a brand that prioritizes customer happiness. Thus, we keep innovating in the dynamic snack sector, which is further cemented by the guarantee of freshness. Enjoyed in the traditional Original flavor or explored in the unusual variety pack, Pringles chips continue to be a representation of quality, convenience, and, most importantly, happiness.


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