Pentaerythritol Resin for Alkyd Resin/Paint/Ink



Pentaerythritol Resin for Alkyd Resin/Paint/Ink

1.Product Name: Pentaerythritol

2.CAS NO: 115-77-5

3.Application: Pentaerythritol is mainly used in the production of alkyd resin, and also used as raw material for making ink, lubricant, plasticizer, surfactant, explosive

4.Appearance: White crystals or powder

5.Molecular formula: C H O

6.Molecular weight: 136.14

7.Executive standard:GB/T7815-2008


Pentaerythritol is a versatile building block for the preparation of many compounds, particularly polyfunctionalized derivatives. applications include alkyd resins, varnishes, polyvinyl chloride stabilizers, tall oil esters. Such derivatives are found in plastics, paints, cosmetics, and many other products. Esters of pentaerythitol are biodegradable,and they are used as transformer oils.Due to a very high flash point they also find some use in lubricating gas turbines. Polyester derivatives Pentaerythritol is a precursor to esters of the type C(CH2OX)4. Fire retardants Pentaerythritol is used as a fire retardant, such as in plastics and intumescent paints and coatings.