Industry Grade Adipic Acid 99.7MIN

Molecular formula:C6H10O4 Molecular weight:146.14 CAS NO.:124-04-9 EINECS NO.:204-673-3 Appearance:White crystals Odor:odorless Density:1.360g/cm³



Industry Grade Adipic Acid 99.7MIN

**Adipic acid, a kind of crystal powdery, almost has  no smell. Its acidity is   lowest among those acids which are often used in food industry, also, it has excellent cushioning performance while the PH value between 2.5-3.0.
1. A material in Polyurethane elastomer.
2.Used as chemical agent, also for plastics and chemical synthesis.
3.An acidfier in food and beverage.
4.A material for medicine, pesticide, adhesive substance.
5.Raw material for Nylon 66 and other engineering plastics.


Purity %(M/M) 99.799.91
Melting point ºC151.5152.8
Ammonia solution color(PH-CO)5.02.0
Moisture % (M/M)0.20.12
Iron  MG/KG1.00.2
HNO3  MG/KG10.01.0
Ash  MG/KG7.04.0

**Packing:500/1000kg nylon bag

Transport: It is strictly prohibited to transport with oxidizer,reducing agent,alkali and edible chemicals,protected from sun,rain and high temperature.

Storage:Stored in cool,dry and draughty storehouse,kept away from fire,heat source,moisture.


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