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500ml (16.91oz) 75 alcohol


  • Main ingredient 75 alcohol based
  • Kill 99.9 of germs
  • Rinse free, dry fast and not hurt hand.
  • Sufficient production capacity, fast delivery
  • Customizable & private label service


Our 500ml Hand Sanitizer Gel is best for public buildings, hospitals, offices, restaurants and large establishments. We formulate our hand sanitizers with over 75 Alcohol, glycerin, and other hand soothing and antibacterial ingredients. This large, 16.91oz hand sanitizer is effective for use wherever there’s a high level of COVID-19 transmission in an area and where large amounts are needed.

BeCleanse formulations are backed with 10 years of hand sanitizer manufacturing experience and are recommended by medical experts. What’s more, we have one of the largest manufacturing units in China to supply your bulk hand sanitizer needs at a competitive cost!

Want your own personalized branding on the hand sanitizer bottle? Our company also offers private label services for hand sanitizer customization and packaging at the fastest delivery of products to your desired destination. Contact us now for a quotation!

Hand Sanitizer Label Details

The back label of hand sanitizer is available in both normal and American versions, you can choose according to your own needs or market requirements, in addition to the private labeling service according to your needs


Item 500ml (16.91oz) Hand Sanitizer Gel
Net capacity 500ml (16.91fl oz)
Style Bottle with pump
Main Ingredient Ethyl Alcohol 75
Purpose Antiseptic, kill germs and bacterias
Use Helps reduce bacteria on the skin when water is not available
Inactive ingredients Water 20.9
Glycerin 3.0
Carbomer 0.5
Phenoxyethanol 0.5
Aminomethyl propanol 0.1
Private Label Yes

Package Information.

Qty / Ctn 24pcs/ctn Qty/Pallet 72ctns/pallet=1,728pcs
Meas 55*37*17cm Weight 990kg
G.W. 13.5kg/ctn Dimensions 100*120*216cm

Composition / Ingredient Data.

According to the CDC guideline, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 alcohol, and our hand sanitizer’s main ingredient is 75 food-grade alcohol, which is safer to use.

Chemical name CAS No.  (by weight)
Ethanol (Alcohol) 64-17-5 75.00
Water 7732-18-5 20.9
Glycerin 56-81-5 3.0
Carbomer 54182-57-9 0.5
Phenoxyethanol 67-63-0 0.5
Aminomethyl Propanol 124-68-5 0.1


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