Old Zinc Die Cast Scrap (Saves)


Old Zinc Die Cast Scrap (Saves)

Old Zinc Die Cast Scrap (Saves). With our wide industry experience in the domain, we are importing & supplying high grade Zinc Die Cast Scrap. This scrap is used in metallurgical industry for manufacturing of various types of metal products.

We give surety to our esteemed clients that offered scrap is free from any kind of impurity.

Additionally, this Zinc Scrap can be availed in varied quantity as per the specific needs of clients.

We provide products made with high quality . Orignal of SOUTH AFRICA . REMELTED ZINC INGOT and other Zinc Scrap.
Purity 95% +/- 1 ; Packing: 20- 25 Kg/piece, Zinc pallet or as per requirement. Yard visit: highly recommendation. Deliver: Immediately as buyer demand. Perfect construction, Sturdy construction, Highly durable. Feel free to contact us for further discussions, test report, photos, and past performance.

We also supply the following Zinc Scraps:

Chrome Plated New Zinc
Zinc Ingots (HG/ SHG)
New Plated Zinc Die Cast Scrap (Scope)
Zinc Top/Bottom Dross (Seal/ Seam)
Zinc Dross Ingots (Scull)
Old Scrap Zinc (Score)
Old Scrap Zinc (Score)
Zinc Zamak

Zinc Ingot Properties (Theoretical)

Molecular Weight65.38
AppearanceShiny silvery-grey metal
Melting Point420 °C
Boiling Point907 °C
Density7.14 g/cm3 (20 °C)
Electrical Resistivity59.0 nΩ·m (20 °C)
Electronegativity1.65 Paulings
Heat of Fusion7.32 kJ/mol
Heat of Vaporization115 kJ/mol
Poisson’s Ratio0.25
Specific Heat0.39 J/g·°C (25 °C)
Thermal Conductivity116 W/(m·K)
Thermal Expansion30.2 µm/(m·K) (25 °C)
Young’s Modulus108 GPa

Zinc Ingot Health & Safety Information

Signal WordN/A
Hazard StatementsN/A
Hazard CodesN/A
Precautionary StatementsN/A
Flash PointNot applicable
Risk CodesN/A
Safety StatementsN/A
Transport InformationNONH
WGK Germanynwg


Our Mission is to offer products like Zinc Ingot 99.995% Purity, Brass Pipe Scrap (melon/ Pallu/ Pales), Cast Iron Scrap, Cold Rolled Bushlings Scrap (Ungalvanized), and Remelted Lead Ingots (Pb 97 – 99%).


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