Magnetite Iron Ore


Magnetite Iron Ore

Magnetite iron ore sand /iron sand with best price for sale.

What Specifications of our Iron Sand ?     

Iron sand is made from broken heat-treated iron shot. It is of high hardness with sharp angles, which make suitable for high-speed spray etching and scraping. It is especially useful in metal surface treatments, which have higher etching and scraping requirements. It is also used for surface treatment works of outdoor sandblasting operations.

What Application of our Iron Sand?        

1. Aerospace equipment: aluminum alloy and titanium alloy materials etc.
2. Metal processing: strengthening, art effect, aluminum alloy beautification, plasma coating compact, clean-up or surface abrasive blasting for mechanical parts, cylinder cover, surgical instruments, golf head, artificial joints, spring, gear, glasses frame.
3. Automobile industry: the shock absorber spring surface fatigue, strengthening treatment.
4. Turbine industry: the turbine blade surface treatment, strengthening treatment.

Specification of the iron sand:

Balanced Weight High density bulk density4.2-7.2/2.5-4.8

Specification of the magnetite sand:

Bulk density4.58g/cm3

Usage of the iron sand:

  1. Chemical iron sand: Main used to titanium pigment and industry. Fe 80-90%. Size 30-200mesh.
  2. Metal replacement iron sand: Main used to copper and other metal for melt. Fe 70-90%, Size 60-200mesh.
  3. Filling iron sand: Specific gravity 2-4.5T/m3, Size 80-200mesh.
  4. Water treatment iron sand: Fe 75-90%, Size 30-300mesh.
  5. Magnetic iron sand: Fe 70-90%.
  6. Produce heat iron sand: Used to Natures Purest, warmer pad.

Packaging & Shipping:

Package: 25kg/50kg a bag ,or according your requirement.

Delivery: 5-7days after place order.

Frequently Asked Questions:          

1. Payment: T/T, Western Union, 50% deposits; 50% balance before delivering, Or any other Payments if possible.

2. Delivery Time: 7-15 days

3. MOQ: 1 ton or as customer request.

4. Package Information:

Packing with Kraft paper bag with liner;

Packing with Bowie with liner;

Palletized when loading in container;

As customer request.

5. The nearest port: Tianjin and Qingdao port

6. The time for the cargo to the nearest port: 1-2 days.


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